I just watched epsiode 4 from season 1 from Narcos: Mexico.

In episode 3, Navas told Gallardo that he will receive a call to bring something from A to B, but there was no subsequent call.

In episode 4, when Gallardo has killed one of Navas agents and did not deliver Rafa, Nava told him to fly weapons to Nicaragua. At this place, he got beaten up and traveled back home.

I don't get what is happening:

  • Why is Rafa beaten up in Nicaragua? Why are they not beating him up in Mexico?
  • How does shipping something to Nicaragua solves the political issue that Rafa started?
  • The officer in Nicaragua asked him who send him / what does he know etc. Why?
  • Why is the police/DEA stopped when they almost got Rafa after Gallardo was beaten up? If Navas was responsible for calling them back, then why did he wait till Gallardo was beaten up?

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