In biographical drama movie The Two Popes (2019), Nun offers Pope Francis a dish to eat:

Nun: A typical Bavarian dish, Knödel mit Soße. Well...Yes, I know.

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Although the line does not appear in the script, it does offer some insight.

Basically, she's aware that the dish is unappetising and is sympathising with Francis for having to eat it.

A covered plate is placed before Bergoglio.

    NUN: (CONT'D)
  He just prefers it that way. But he has arranged for you both to eat 
  the same meal. It’s a traditional Bavarian dish. A favorite. Just as
  his Mother used to make it.

  She takes the lid off the plate. Underneath is a profoundly
  unappetizing Bavarian soup with noodles. Bergoglio reacts.

   Knoedel mit sosse.

  There’s a lot of sympathy in just saying the name. Bergoglio laughs. 
  The nun joins in.

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