In Knives Out (2019), Detective Benoit reveals Ransom's plan:

Benoit: Marta will get arrested for killing Fran and Harlan. And it would have worked if we hadn't have brought you in for questioning so you could not make your anonymous call. And if Fran had not stashed a safety copy of the tox report.

Why couldn't he make an anonymous call if the police haven't brought him in for questioning?


Actually, detective Benoit saying that if the police hadn't brought Ransom for questioning, he could have made that anonymous call he has originally planned for.

Ransom originally planned to make that call after he and Marta has visited that burned laboratory. But the detective saw him and started chasing them. The plan could've still worked when Marta and Ransom stopped, but that's when the police arrived and they took Ransom in for questioning.

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