All throughout the first season of Netflix's The Stranger, the young female that goes around revealing secrets and sometimes blackmailing others to not reveal their secrets always wears the same kind of outfit -- a ball cap, a bomber jacket, her hair down, and tight jeans.

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If she's constantly going around performing these risky and sometimes illegal actions, why would she always wear the same style outfit only for her to be more easily identifiable by authorities and/or other people? She and her "partner in crime" seem to be smart about their overall plan and how they conduct their schemes, but this feature isn't consistent.


She doesn't always wear the same clothes:

  • She wore a smart outfit to the meeting with Ed Price
  • She wore a work uniform while working in a cinema
  • She wore a nurse outfit when sneaking in a hospital
  • She wears different T-shirts under her jacket
  • In the final scene, when she is looking at Price and his boys playing football, she doesn't wear the jacket (I believe a few months has passed and it is warmer)

Yes, she seems to wear the same jacket and a cap most of the times, but it is most likely because she finds those clothes comfortable - she seems to be a sort of a tomboy in contrast to her more "girly" girlfriend.

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