What was the well-known Russian song the director David Lean wanted for his movie Doctor Zhivago? See quote from Wikipedia:

Initially Lean had desired to use a well-known Russian song but could not locate the rights to it, and delegated responsibility to Jarre.

Maurice Jarre came up with Lara's Theme in place but was it influenced by it?

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    In other languages wikipedia states that Lean wanted traditional russian music and folk songs arranged by Jarre for contemoporary times. And they cite source as Constantine Santas: The Epic Films of David Lean – SZCZERZO KŁY Feb 11 at 15:51
  • okay so in other languages it is sourced I'll try to get Constantine Santas: The Epic Films of David Lean from the library if nobody comes up with an anser to see if it mentions what Russian music / folk songs that was. – onepound Feb 12 at 13:59

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