In the film Hold the Dark (2018), Medora seems to have killed her son Bailey.

In one scene as Medora is bathing, she is going on about a demon. But no demon is revealed by the time the movie ends.

So, Why did Medora kill her son Bailey?

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The movie doesn't answer it. Refinery 29 offers up this:

Fine, fine, Russell is blessed by the wolf god. But that doesn't explain why Medora and Vernon did any of it. Why did they do it?

Ah, that's the question. It's one that never quite gets answered, either. After surviving the shoot-out, Russell and Donald talk about the motivation behind the Sloanes' rampage. Russell is convinced these gaping questions had answers — but he and Donald may never truly understand them. "They do [have answers]. Whether or not they fit in our experience is another matter," he says. Russell and Donald aren't wild like the Sloanes. Russell's theory? Medora wanted to spare the boy from a lifetime of darkness. The darkness that he'll inherit from his "other" parents and the darkness of their region, where the sun goes down at 3:30 p.m.

This article tries to explain the whole movie, so perhaps it would be best to read all of it.

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