In the season finale of Silicon Valley, they show Pied Piper's former investor, Laurie Bream in prison. Why did she go to prison?

Laurie Bream in prison

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It is deliberately left unexplained by the show creators [to possibly give her character a comical/amusing end].

In an interview with TVLine, executive producer Alec Berg, who wrote and directed the last episode of the series, had the following to say in relation to Laurie Bream's imprisonment:

TVLINE | Laurie Bream is in prison. What did they get her for in the end?
That was a deliberate decision to [not reveal what landed here in jail]. The one conversation we had to have about what she [was convicted of was related to] what she was wearing. In minimum security prisons people wear tan jumpsuits. And in medium and high security [prisons] they wear orange [jumpsuits]. I got a call from the wardrobe people [asking], “What did Laurie get convicted of?” Ultimately, it came down to orange because I think it’s funnier. Whatever she did it merited an orange jumpsuit.

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