I have watched Young Sheldon up to the latest episode, whenever the theme song is played, Sheldon is shown moving away from the cow. Why is it like that?

  • The first season had a sole young Sheldon moving away from either a cow or a tumbleweed. The second and third seasons opener had the whole family moving away from a cow. Sheldon is shown in a variety of outfits. – user18935 Jan 27 at 5:33
  • Exactly that's right @Jeeped. I wanna know the meaning of that – Denis Oluka Jan 27 at 10:05
  • 2
    It's set in Texas. Lotsa cows there. Sheldon is wearing cowboy boots. What "meaning" is a simple joke supposed to have? – BCdotWEB Jan 27 at 10:57
  • Thanks @BCdotWEB, my small was actually making me think Sheldon hates cows. I had no idea about Texas, thanks to u. – Denis Oluka Jan 27 at 12:50
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    I think along with song with lyrics such as "yesterday i moved a mountain", "I can be your hero" and "I am a mighty little man". It suggests to me that inside Sheldons head he can do anything, when in actual fact he is scared by a cow. That's how I watched it, no source, just my own brain. – ajrthegreat Jan 27 at 14:46

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