The Bourne Legacy is the 4th film in the Bourne series but without Matt Damon. It tells a parallel story of a different kind of enhanced agent, while referencing the continued developments of characters in the previous three movies (for instance, Pam Landy).

However, Jason Bourne the fifth movie appears to entirely ignore the events of The Bourne Legacy (without contradicting it). It seems as if The Bourne Legacy is entirely redundant where Jason Bourne is concerned.

Are there any references in Jason Bourne that require or acknowledge the continuity of The Bourne Legacy?

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There is - when Nicky Parsons hacks into the CIA's mainframe the is a list of 'Black Ops' which includes the 'Outcome' programme from The Bourne Legacy

Unfortunately, I cannot find a complete screenshot of this but here is one of the list, with 'OUTCOME' just out of the of the shot somewhere below 'SPEARFISH...

enter image description here


The Outcome and LARX programs are visible on the screen when Bourne looks through the USB Nicky provided in Berlin. enter image description here

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