While rewatching Hobbs and Shaw I noticed something interesting in the scene where Shaw's sister is hacking into the glove before the big island battle.

computer reading "access granted" to various weapons

Is that not a picture of a knife in the third row of weapons? Assuming that it is, what could an 'activation chip' accomplish in a knife? Anything more fancy that keeping a switch blade from popping out, electrifying the blade, or something like that?

Rather than a knife could that be an image of something else? I don't remember seeing anything during the film that looks like it could represent... Did I miss something?

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While I cannot guarantee it, it does look like a knife, and given the apparent handle to blade proportion (At least from the resolution appearance), I would believe it to be some variant on an injection knife.

This type of knife contains a CO2 cartridge (Or other propellant, there are different versions depending on military/civilian/who's building it), and the net effect is that it injects a large volume of air/other into the target, at extremely cold temperatures that can freeze the flesh that it comes into contact with.

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