In We're the Millers, at the end, they're all living together in their new home, but does it belong to them or is this their witness protection home?

It's confusing, because they introduce themselves as "The Millers" to their new neighbors, and David is obviously growing marijuana in his backyard. If they were in witness protection, they would probably be given another family name.

It's also possible that David misspoke and introduced his family as "The Millers" out of habit, and if he handled it correctly, no one would know he was growing marijuana.

How did they afford their new home if Brad Gurdlinger never paid David? He was given the task by Brad because he was broke (a gang of thieves attacked and stole his money).

I understand this is just a comedy, and we're suppose to just "roll with it" (which I'm happy to do), but is there an official explanation?

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