When Natasha, Steve, and Scott visit Tony to ask for his help in building a time machine, after Tony refuses, he invites them to stay for lunch.

If you don't talk shop, you can stay for lunch.

After this it cuts to Natasha, Steve, and Scott leaving. Is there any implication as to whether or not they stayed for lunch? I don't see anything that tells us whether the shot of them leaving is after they had lunch with Tony, or if they refused his offer and left immediately.

While perhaps it is meant as a completely irrelevant detail, knowing that they stayed for lunch would give some insight into the character relationships; how much of a friendship still remained between them at this point.

I'm looking for either in-universe explanations (something about how the scene was shot, if there was an intended implication, etc); or out-of-universe explanations, although it seems unlikely that something like this would have been mentioned or addressed by anyone who worked on the film.

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It felt to me that they declined it and left. They didn't seem to be interested in wasting time at that moment and that's why the checked bit Bruce next. Even reellifebygrace seems to conclude the same:

They talk “quantum physics” and saving the world, and Tony invites them to stay for lunch. They have to decline and leave to go talk to Dr. Banner.

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