In season 2, episode 10 "Smile, Bitches!", Zach gets angry at Bryce during the baseball game.

Knowing the tension between the two of them it's not really surprising. But for a non-American / no baseball fan I'm a bit startled by why this was the trigger. Zach is the catcher (?) and pointing three fingers towards the ground. Bryce throws, Zach catches, it's a strike for the other team. I suppose that's a good thing.

Why is Zach angry at Bryce playing not team-focused when throwing a ball?


Because he didn't follow the pitching instructions he was given

In case you don’t know how baseball works, the catcher calls the pitch and the pitcher either waves it off or agrees and throws the pitch the pitcher throws. Zach called a change-up, yet Bryce continued to defy him by throwing fastballs. He also didn’t wave off the pitch. Because Bryce does whatever he wants, when he wants it, Zach walked off the field in the middle of the game towards the clubhouse.


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