In the film Deep Impact there is a scene where they show people evacuating major cities with long highways full of traffic. How was this scene created?


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It was a new, unopened freeway, a mile long, filled with extras and their cars

The video explains a lot, but here are some interesting points:

  • There were 2100 extras, in 1870 cars
  • The extras brought their own clothing and props for their cars
  • 116 cars were positioned every 15 minutes
  • Many trucks contained food and drinks for the extras, as it was very hot that day
  • Motor-homes were used by medics for anyone who felt faint
  • Porta-loos were available every 1/8th of a mile
  • Extras were recruited from local high-schools, and most were from Manassas
  • An AM frequency was set up so that production could speak to the extras in their cars, using 1 walkie-talkie
  • The entire scene was shot in 2 days
  • No digital effects were used, apart from the comet

All from the following video:

In anticipation of the question being split in two, I haven't addressed the spaceship question.

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