A Death In The Gunj shows a family who's come down on holidays in a remote town in India.

The opening scene of the movie is a shot of any implied dead body in the trunk of a car, which is being ridden by Nandu, Brian & Shutu.

The climax of the movie shows

Shutu holding a gun, in a mentally unstable position and backed into a tree trunk corner, pointing it at Vikram, who's been tormenting him the entire trip. But later, Shutu points the gun at his chin.

The gun is fired offscreen and blood splatters on the tree behind. The last scene of the movie is the first scene with the 3 people in the car with a dead body in the trunk.

So, who dies in A Death In The Gunj?

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It's late to answer this,

The last moment makes us think wider because someone was killed but who is he from "Shutu" or "Vikram"?

Why we are thinking "Shutu" was not killed, is because "Shutu" was in the back seat of the car when "Nandu" was driving the car, and "Brian" was beside him after taking the dead body in dicky.

As per my thinking, if "Vikram" was got shot then he would not get his own blood on his own face, and there are lots of blood in the tree as well, so I don't think that much blood flow back to the gun side.

The above arguments make me accept that,

was "Shutu" killed, also Konkona Sen Sharma (director) clarifies later who actually died, "Shutu did die, and the one in the car was a ghost."

And also written in wikipedia as well,

The movie ends with the beginning scene in which Nandu and Brian drive away with Shutu's dead body in the trunk with the ghost of Shutu in the backseat. The closing credits show the road behind the moving car from this ghost's perspective.

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