In the cartoons, the Titans Tower is T-shaped.

In the DC Universe TV show Titans, it's just a normal building owned by Bruce Wayne.

I understand that it's not always possible to translate everything from cartoon to live-action.

Is it really difficult to create such a building using special effects or create a set that resembles a T-shaped building?

  • In the DC Universe TV show, everything plays in just that apartment. I always thought that they refer to it as Titans Tower as they its an apartment in a tower that is used by the Titans Dec 2, 2019 at 11:03

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Because that's what the showrunners/producers wanted.

One of the decisions made early on involved abandoning the traditional T-shaped building design for one that blends into the San Francisco skyline. Jurek [production designer Ingrid Jurek] said,

"Our Tower was not meant to be the T-shape on an island that's basically hiding in plain sight in downtown San Francisco with a view of the bay. That's where we ended up in the beginning, because again, it's a drama about superheroes, rather than holding close to the comics, although there are some things I think are close enough."


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