In You Were Never Really Here, State Senator Albert Votto hires Joe to rescue Nina, who he says is his daughter, from a pedophile ring. He mentions that he heard Joe is brutal and that he wants Joe to "hurt them" (the pedophile ring people).

However, there seem to be scenes where it is implied that Votto is one of Nina's abusers and is part of this same pedophile ring. Nina also doesn't seem to have an emotional reaction after seeing the news report on the TV about Senator Votto's death. It seems that Senator Votto might not be Nina's father at all.

Senator Votto with Nina Senator Votto with Nina

Votto, shown with Governor Williams:
Votto with Governor Williams Votto with Governor Williams

If Votto is involved with the pedophile ring, why would he have Nina rescued? If he is not involved, what do these scenes imply?

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