The 1991 film "The Last Boy Scout" stars Bruce Willis as a burned-out private detective and Damon Wayans as a former football player. While investigating the death of the latter's girlfriend, the two find themselves accosted by two of the main villain's henchmen - a well-dressed gentleman and a large thug named Jake. Both henchmen

promptly meet their deaths when Jake shoots the trunk of the car containing an explosive.

The one in the suit appears to be portrayed by Dan Castellaneta, who would rise to fame later that same year for his voice work on "The Simpsons" (primarily as Homer Simpson). However, when I attempted to confirm it was Castellaneta, I was unable to find his name in the credits. Neither IMDb nor Wikipedia list him as being in "The Last Boy Scout". I don't think the character is even listed, given that it's such a small part. Here's a screenshot of the character in question:

enter image description here

I may be completely wrong and it's not Castellaneta at all, but it certainly looks a lot like him, especially when compared to 1990/1991 photos of him.

Can someone confirm whether or not the character above is indeed played by Dan Castellaneta of 'The Simpsons' fame?

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This doesn't look like the same actor to me.

Here's Dan Castellaneta's imdb, which doesn't list The Last Boy Scout as one of his movies, as you state in your question.

The actor in the screen shot looks to be Jack Kehler, listed as Scrabble Man on IMDB. He's listed with 165 credits on IMDB, he's kind of a forgettable every man that Hollywood uses.

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