The authors of Taschen's 100 All-Time Favorite Movies claim that, with respect to the classic Doctor Zhivago,

Eager moviegoers stood in lines that wrapped around blocks to get a glimpse of soviet snuggling, and some theaters ran the film for years on end.

I can't find any on-line source to corroborate this. Did cinemas really run the movie for years?

  • It is entirely possible, but considering you're talking about the 1960s, chances are small that such information is available online. – BCdotWEB Oct 24 '19 at 14:00


Certainly there is some evidence/corroboration that the movie ran in some theaters for periods of a year or more and so the quote by the authors may be taken at face value

The screening recalled the glory days of the 1960s Hollywood epic, when films were presented like plays, with reserved seats. The movies were always preceded by an overture and included a perfectly placed break for an intermission. “Doctor Zhivago” played in exclusive runs in major cities that lasted a year or more. The huge downtown theaters that booked the film only showed it once or twice a day.


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