Everytime Ferb wants to say how his full name sounds like, he gets interrupted. When Vanessa asked Candace what Ferb's full name is, Candace couldn't reply anything indicating that she also doesn't know.

So what is Ferb's full name?


As answered on the relevant Wikipedia page:

Ferb was named after a set-builder named Frank Leasure, a construction foreman on several Star Trek properties and a friend of Povenmire and Marsh. His wife Melinda, an artist on The Simpsons and King of the Hill nicknamed him "Ferb". In "Vanessassary Roughness" Ferb explains that his name is short for something, but he didn't get to say it. On Twitter, Povenmire announced that Ferb was actually short for "Ferbs".

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    Ah yes, the ol' "Homer Jay Simpson" trick... – Michael Oct 10 at 17:48

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