How do you think Louis reacted when he found out that his wife was pregnant in Interview with the Vampire?

After the way he behaves with Claudia he seemed to be a very caring father. In the scenario his wife was older than him, maybe it lasted until they had a child and that's why he suffered so much and shows his love as a father to Claudia. Maybe knowing if his child was a girl or a boy would also help in explanining this.

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    Yes, in general, please try to avoid asking the same question over and over again just because it hasn't gotten an answer yet. I'll leave this new version around since you've removed parts that were superfluous in the original question. It's acknowledged that you care very much about Louis and his family, but please try to channel your efforts a little more and get acquainted with how this site works a little more, so you don't have to throw questions at the wall in 3 different versions and see which one sticks. – Napoleon Wilson Sep 14 '19 at 11:25
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    As to the question itself, I'm not entirely sure if this is within the realms of understanding the film in contrast to speculating about the characters' life outside of the story. It does seem it might be possible to guide it into direction more relevant for the film itself, though, so I'd encourage further revisions of this (but preferably by editing the question itself as opposed to reasking it a 5th time). – Napoleon Wilson Sep 14 '19 at 11:28
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    The problem is that in the books, Louis wasn't married before being turned, but lived with father and brother, so it's not like there is even another source to pull from to better speculate on the film's choice with this change. I think it is unfortunately only going to attract very opinion-based answers, which are against the sites rules. – Darth Locke Sep 14 '19 at 16:17

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