I got thinking about this ever since I saw an old Letterman video featuring Howard Stern, in which Howard gave an account of how he had a conflict with Sharon Stone the last time he was on the show. She was the other guest.

Do these shows have to get the guests acceptance as to their co-guest so as to avoid any possible conflict in case they don't like the other person?

  • Sometimes yes, sometimes no. – sanpaco Sep 6 at 18:49

I think the best reference for it is in Episodes season 3 episode 4 where Matt LeBlanc was a guest on Jay Leno's and when he informed that he isn't the first guest, he was pretty pissed off at Leno

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    Do you have a source? Also, at best your suggesting they don't know what order they come on in. I don't believe that's the question being asked – Gnemlock Sep 7 at 7:07
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    Well, but Episodes is a fictional TV show, and is not a good source of reality – TK-421 Sep 9 at 6:59
  • of course, it is fictional! But it has some basis in reality. Like every other TV show, they gather the truth and reflect it in their stories. – ksadjad Sep 9 at 14:53

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