What's the goal of each Adam and Claudia?

It seems to me that Adam would like to end time which sounds like he would like to break the cycle while Claudia would like to keep it?


Dark is a very complicated show and hard to understand, but as I can recollect, what Adam wants is for the cycle to remain the same and Claudia is opposite of him and wants the next cycle to finally break.

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    You're right about it being complicated and Adam/Claudia's intentions not being clear, but there are two quotes of Adam where he outright states he believes this is the last cycle (s02e06) and that the knot can be undone (s02e08). He may be lying, but it currently doesn't particularly seem like Adam wants it to continue exactly as it is either. Based on some hints, we (the viewer) may have projected "good" Claudia vs "bad" Adam more than is actually established. – Flater Oct 7 at 15:58

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