In season 1 of Dark, adult Jonas travels to and from 2019 multiple times. He tried to close the wormhole on Nov 10 1986. According to Noah, he was deceived by Claudia into thinking he could do so. In fact, he was sending his younger self to 2052 which instigated the rest of the events including opening the wormhole in 1986.

He knows that it didn't close because otherwise he wouldn't have been able to travel through the passage later in 2019.

My questions are:

  • How could Jonas be deceived if he knows that closing the wormhole didn't work? or did it work and it was opened again?
  • Why is the wormhole closed in 2052?
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    Time is a complicated concept it is not to be looked at as linear, because the fact that Jonas would close the wormhole in 1986 wouldn't affect him traveling in 2019, because in his timeline, that was earlier, not later. And I think your question is more suitable for scifi.stackexchange.com – TK-421 Aug 28 at 6:28
  • You're right. All his travels in 2019 that happened after closing the wormhole happened using the apparatus. The kids, Claudia and adult Jonas as well. Katharina finds the passage in 2020 just as the wormhole was created during Clausen's investigation. – Bassam Aug 28 at 13:16

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