In s01e01, Amenadiel says to Lucifer, trying to persuade him to go back to hell:

What exactly do you think happens when the Devil leaves Hell? All of those demons, all of those tormented and tortured souls, where do you think they'd go?

In s01e07, he says more along the same lines:

Luci, since your grand departure from Hell, I've been the one that's had to patrol the gates. I've been the one keeping damned souls from slipping loose, a job, by the way, that I loathe.

Yet, in s03e07 Lucifer reveals that

all doors in Hell are open. The souls may leave anytime, but they never do because their own sense of guilt holds them there.

So why (in and out-universe) did Amenadiel give a rather different picture of what's going on while Lucifer is on his "vacation"?


In Universe

This may be a case of splitting hairs but there is presumably a difference between the demons and the tortured souls.

For example, Mazikeen is a demon and she was able to leave hell without issue. She wasn't a human that sinned, died and was in hell as a result of her lifestyle. She was presumably born there (daughter of Lilith? I don't recall)

Tortured and damned souls perhaps make a show of trying to break loose but their own guilt causes them to foil their own plans like a Bond Villain

Perhaps, Amenediel was trying to manipulate Lucifer into returning to Hell to maintain order.

Out of Universe

This sounds to me like a Ret-Con. Remember that this was a comic book series spin off of Sandman. As such, there is a long history of twists and surprise moments that the writers can pull from or ignore altogether.

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    The difference between devils and damned souls is not splitting hairs. Angels, including fallen angels or devils, and humans are theologically totally different. It isn't like the difference between different species of biological beings, more like the much larger differences between animals and plants, or between lifeforms and electricity, or between matter and energy, between the letter "E" and the color orange, or between yourself and Einsteins's Theory of Relativity. It is supposed to be an incredibly vast difference. – M. A. Golding Aug 17 '19 at 19:51
  • Take it up with Amenediel or the writers for his dialogue, that is the "In Universe” part of the answer, where Einstein’s theory of Relativity may not hold unless specifically addressed. – m1gp0z Aug 18 '19 at 20:20

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