In the "Lost in Translation" we can see Charlotte (Scarlet) goofing with Bob (Murray) in the karaoke bar - we can see that she is rather trying to have fun than perform well.

In "The Other Boleyn Girl", when forced to sing in front of the queen (who knows, that she is supposed to be a new king's lover), she sings weakly, with causes other ladies to snicker and the queen to sarcastically comment "bravo... a nightingale" (at around 2:15)

But then Scarlet arguably CAN sing and even published an album - you can hear it for example here:

So, has she ever sung well in a movie? By "well" - I mean in a way, that wasn't purposefully bad and was well accepted by other characters?

To precise: in "LiT" Charlotte is not trying to be a good singer, in "tOBG" Mary is trying to sing well but is played in a way which makes the effect obviously bad. I am asking has Scarlet's character tried to sing well and the effect wasn't badly received in obvious fashion (snickering, embarrassed looks etc) by other movie characters - was it good or bad for the viewer is not relevant.

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    How can we define *sings well or bad-singer? maybe actor/actress may have to sing bad, it depends on the movie. if you're asking whether an actor/actress can really sing in the real life, them I'm afraid this is falling under off-topic – Vishwa Aug 5 '19 at 3:06
  • @Vishwa I am not asking was it good or bad for the viewer, but rather was it MEANT to be good (and possibly was - without an obvious snickering, embarrassment etc) for the other characters in the movie – Yasskier Aug 5 '19 at 3:15
  • While I don't think the question is bad per se, I think it falls off-topic as trivia. – OrangeDog Aug 5 '19 at 8:40

She sings quite beautifully in the film "Her"

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"Trust in me" from The Jungle Book (2016) is not portrayed as a bad performance.

I've not seen Sing (2016) but I assume at least one of the performances there is not intended to be bad.

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