I recently watched the movie Mandy, however I'm wondering who the artist or artists who actually created the art that the titular character is seen to be drawing in the opening scene are.

I feel like being able to actually take the time to see these art pieces, (and others by the same artist) would allow for a better appreciation of the movie. As Mandy is ostensibly drawing it, several pieces are seen in the background (too small to see), viewing the art would give better insight into the character.

In particular there was one drawing of a wolf (or dog-like beast) with a plethora of eyes and another of a semi-nude woman standing in front of a possibly humanoid giant cat/dog.

Many Eyed wolf blindfolded woman with giant cat/dog beast

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    Do you happen to have a screen shot you could share? – sanpaco Jul 27 at 7:07
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    Screenshot added. – aslum Jul 30 at 20:51

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