In the 2000 movie Shaft, the final judgment never takes place, since the charged person (Walter Wade, Jr.) is murdered before he enters the court.

Diane had confessed to Shaft, in a private conversation, that she got bribed to hide the truth (she was a witness in the murder of Trey by Walter). Do we know if she got away with that?

The movie doesn't mention that, I think. She's not a protagonist, so maybe we don't really know.

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John Shaft II (Samuel L Jackson) has no reason to bring Diane to the authorities for accepting a bribe for hiding the truth. No District Attorney has any reason to suspect her so they wouldn't press charges either.

Remember, Shaft quits the police force to become a private detective. His interactions with her are confidential and it's at his discretion to bring this information to the police or district attorney.

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    He even says to her "the last two years must have been hell for you" or something similar, so it's pretty clear he understands her conflict (and deems it enough of a punishment).
    – Napoleon Wilson
    Commented Sep 6, 2019 at 21:37

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