I am re-watching the "Das Boot" (U96) movie, and for the first time I realise that the writings in Leutnant Werner's notebook are in English. This is shown at two occasions.

enter image description here


Leutnant Werner is some kind of "embedded journalist". But should this particular scene give a hint that he actually is a spy for England?

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    It would be very dumb of him to do that if that was the case. Realistically, this is probably just Petersen trying to appeal to an international audience. It might even have been switched specifically for the English release. – Napoleon Wilson Jul 12 at 21:31
  • It would seem almost impossible for a spy on a submarine to send out messages while the ship is on a mission, and if they could inform the enemy of where the sub is it would be likely to get the sub sunk and the spy killed. – M. A. Golding Jul 13 at 17:35
  • While I think Mr Wilson is perfectly correct your question is still fantastic as a result of your wonderful observation-which version of the film was this still taken from? I was lucky enough to hold off on watching that film for 37 years, having only been 2 in 1981 and growing up with the dubbed VHS as the only home video release accessible, the resulting privilege being that I saw the entire miniseries(with English subs)on a friends DVD before any of the feature length cuts.Having only the directors cut on BD for my many subsequent viewings I have not seen the full length version since.. – Stephen Francis Jul 13 at 17:39
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    Sorry for being an idiot - it clearly states that its from the theatrical cut.... – Stephen Francis Jul 13 at 17:48

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