In American Horror Story season 5, I thought that the spirit of anyone who died in the Cortez stayed trapped there. So how come the guests at the beginning stayed trapped but then Queenie doesn't seem to appear anywhere?

She was one of the best characters from season 3 so it's kind of disappointing.


Queenie does appear:

Queenie makes a return appearance in Hotel, and checks into the Hotel Cortez while staying in Los Angeles to attend a taping of The Price Is Right. Queenie finds herself attacked by vampire Ramona Royale and overwhelms her before being mortally wounded by James Patrick March, whose incorporeal existence is unaffected by her voodoo powers. This allowed Ramona Royale to drink her blood.


Unless you are wondering why you don't see her dead?

Keep watching....

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    I don't think you read my question like at all. Firstly, my question already indicates that I know she appears, and secondly it already presumes she dies and thus asks about her spirit being trapped. – askmathquestions Jul 15 at 22:40

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