During the opening credits of a recent (circa 2019) movie², one of the studios in the queue¹ used a logo/trademark that reminded me of a Ishihara plate. Ishihara plates (aka pseudoisochromatic plates) are commonly used to test for varying degrees of colour blindness.

enter image description here

Now, I'm colour blind myself and I have no idea what this logo/trademark is intended to represent. AFAIK, it could be a portion of the previous studio blurb, a new studio or the next one in the queue. In fact, my eyes cannot determine any underlying message due to my own colour vision deficiency.

Is there a message hidden in there and what studio is using this to represent themselves?

¹ Related: How does this studio hierarchy work

² The movie was Rocketman.

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I see MARV . It's Marv films! Rocketman

  • 2
    That has to be it. Thanks for this! You have no idea how frustrating colour blindness can be. :) – Jeeped Jul 7 at 23:19
  • Ive never seen a colour blindness plate used in movie credits before. That is weird. At least I am not colour blind in that aspect! I had no idea about MARV studios and I never watched the movie; I thought at first it was short for Marvel! – Snack_Food_Termite Jul 7 at 23:22
  • Now that I know what to look for there is some additional information at Marv Films - The Colorblind Test. – Jeeped Jul 8 at 0:09
  • Matthew Vaughn is colour blind, hence his use of a pseudoisochromatic plate for his new 'MARV; logo (it was first used in 'Kingsman: The Secret Service'). I do not know why this question has been closed as opinion based as Vaughn has been open about this for a while (including discussion os his excessive use of orange in 'Kick - Ass' - being a colour he thought he could 'see' more clearly as opposed to others.) – Stephen Francis Jul 9 at 6:18

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