Recently I got to know that That's So Raven had a newer spinoff called Raven's Home. But I remember I didn't finish That's So Raven and barely know about Cory in the House.

So I wanted to know how much self-contained Raven's Home is. Can I just watch it straight forward with the basic knowledge of That's So Raven? Or do I need to finish the previous both shows first?

Note: I have seen most of That's So Raven, except the last seasons when she starts working.


There is a set of three episodes in the second season of Raven's Home where Raven meets Dr. Sleevemore again. Raven meet Dr. Sleevemore in one episode in the first season and two episodes of the third season of That's So Raven.

Why doesn't Raven tell Ben about Dr Sleevemore et al?1

Raven's ex-husband, a former boyfriend from That's So Raven, appears in several episodes.

And Raven's father Victor shows up in another episode episode in the second season.

And as far as I can remember those are the main connections between That's So Raven and Raven's Home so far.

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