In The Fifth Element, the main character Korben Dallas talks on the phone with someone named Finger - an old military friend who also happens to be Korben's boss at the taxi company.

We never see the character, he only exists as a voice on the phone.

Whose voice is it?

This seems like it should have an easy answer on IMDB - but it doesn't. There's no "Finger" on the cast list.

Google returns a lot of speculation, but no confirmed answers. The most popular theory seems to be Vin Diesel, but the timing is questionable (he became famous much later).

It could very well be someone who isn't famous, or even an actor at all. But it's definitely someone. So... Who?

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We don't know.

No official sources have talked about this, and with a movie this old, I doubt they ever will. Multiple theories exist around the web.

From TheGamer:

This would be because Finger was voiced by none other than Vin Diesel.

Diesel went uncredited for this small role. Though Besson has stated that he does not want to make a sequel, I would be very much in favour of Finger being introduced so we can have Riddick and Korben Dallas kicking butts together on screen.

The IMDB Trivia states:

Who plays the voices of Finger, Korben's mother, and Mr. Shadow? No one was credited for these roles, and there's no clear evidence as to who was used. However, some have speculated that it was Jill Mullan, who is credited under Other Crew for "special thanks". Others have suggested that Finger sounds like Bill Nunn or Vin Diesel but neither of these have been confirmed.

In Answers,

Sounds a lot like Nick Chinlund, who also starred with Bruce Willis in Tears of the Sun.

And this random Imgur link states it was Glenn Fleshler:

It's rumored on the 'net that it's Vin Diesel. Not that Vin wouldn't have nailed it, but it's not him. It's this man: Glenn Fleshler.

There's no conclusive answer to be found, I'm afraid.

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    Most sources agree that Vin Diesel's major break was when Steven Spielberg cast him in Saving Private Ryan (1998). He was a virtual unknown in 1997, and if he really was in The Fifth Element, there's no way he would have kept it secret.
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The french Wikipedia page (link) quotes this Allociné page that says that according to Luc Besson, it is a friend of Bruce Willis, who’s not an actor, and who was with him during the shooting of the film.

False, absolutely false. It's not Vin Diesel. Finger is played by a friend of Bruce Willis, who is not in the cinema at all and who accompanied him on the set. He had this very deep voice, so I asked him to do the voice of this friend. And besides, if you look closely at the film, we see a photo of Korben when he was in the army, next to a friend. Well it’s him!

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