I had always thought her eyebrows were a silver or grey color but at a closer look, I discovered that they were brown.

This is weird because her hair is a yellowy white color but the eyebrows are a way off.

Anna has brown hair and eyebrows, and when she was shot by Elsa they stayed brown while her hair turned white. Are Elsa's eyebrows unaffected and are the color that Elsa's hair would be if she never had the ice powers?

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    She's obviously a bottle blonde ;-) – disassociated Jun 6 at 10:05
  • They work separately ;) – Vishwa Jun 6 at 11:27
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    could be related to her powers. Anna's got a white streak in her hair after she was hit with them when she was little – Memor-X Jun 6 at 12:52
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    Facial hair color is often different from "head" hair color. - quora.com/… – Paulie_D Jun 6 at 16:10
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    @Tetsujin This is probably the correct answer, in a sense. I don't think she's a true bottle blonde, but the character design was probably undertaken with an eye towards maximizing audience identification with Elsa and Anna among female viewers. There are simply more blondes with brown eyebrows in the target audience than there are blondes with blond eyebrows. – tbrookside Jun 6 at 16:28

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