Who was the blue eyed women in the blue mask, seen twice in the Django Unchained; once when they rode into Candyland and the other when it is night and she is looking through a magnifying glass at a photo of a black girl? There is no reference to her in the movie at all.

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    +1 good question... her appearance definitely suggested there was more to her story, so indeed it seemed strange when her character was left unexplored
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  • A screenshot of a scene? Time in a film?
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Zoe Bell, who starred for Tarantino in "Death Proof," played another character that was seemingly cut down -- one of the plantation enforcers who wears a bandana over her face and earns a third-act close-up.

"Yeah, you don’t really get anything from her character,” Goggins said. “But she’s lethal. And you know, I should probably just stick to myself and my character.”

Speaking to E! on the red carpet at the premiere of "Hansel And Gretel: Witch Hunters," Bell revealed what happened with her role.

"There was backstory and there was to be a fight sequence," she said. "I don't know how much Quentin wants me to say, but yes, there was originally more than that."

According to Bell, her scenes weren't even shot. Which is too bad.

"There was a little sneaky secret under the mask: part of my face was missing."

Interview with Zoe Bell about her role in Django Unchained

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    So many answers and no one googled this. I don't understand it was the first hit.
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    That's funny - for the sake of a word I probably missed this interview when I did my digging - ah well - between us all we have a bloody comprehensive answer ;)
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