In Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019), what is the name of the woolly mammoth titan? I found this post that refers to him as Behemoth but would prefer a more official source.

The creature was one of the new ones created for this series, not from Toho.


According to Mike Dougherty, it's Behemoth.

From an interview with William Bibbiani for Bloody-Disgusting from 2019.06.01:

For example, one of the titans in King of the Monsters is a gigantic mastodon with human-like arms. [...] “That one is named Behemoth, so that’s a biblical reference, and he’s one of the few male creatures,” Michael Dougherty explained to Bloody-Disgusting. “Because they always tend to be insectoid or reptilian or some combination of the two, and I really wanted another big, furry creature that looked like it could have survived during the Ice Age.”

In an interview with slashfilm:

Q: Rather than make you go through all 13 names, is there a place fans can look them up?

Dougherty: Yeah, there’s a website, MonarchSciences.com. They’re working on it and obviously revealing it in layers to keep people intrigued.

Here's a link to that site, but as of yet, Behemoth isn't featured yet.

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