Santa Clarita Diet was cancelled leaving many open storylines.

Did the creators comment at all on the open storylines?

Such as:

  • What was the virus or where did it come from?
  • What was Mr. Legs?
  • Did Joel become a walking Mr. Legs?

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    "Did the creators comment on what was meant to happen if the show didn't get cancelled" is not banal trivia and sounds like a perfectly on-topic question to me. – F1Krazy May 29 at 9:01
  • @F1Krazy I'm rather new to this SE but seeing as it's getting downvotes, I'd be interested in making the question answerable. Cheers – Xander May 29 at 9:07
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    If anything, I would have thought this would be too broad, as you're technically asking four questions (although the latter three all come under your main question). I'm afraid I don't know why people are voting to close as trivia, but hopefully one of the close-voters will be willing to explain. – F1Krazy May 29 at 9:16

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