We've seen before in Game of Thrones season 8 that the army of the dead and the white walkers are destroyed but in the season finale, Jon is sent to the wall to be a Nightwatch again.

But why does the Nightwatch still exist?

What exactly do they "watch"?


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For quite some time people had ceased to seriously believe in White Walkers. During that time the Night's Watch continued to exist, serving two purposes:

  1. Ward off Wildlings the best they can
  2. Be a politically convenient dumping ground for criminals etc.

No reason it can't continue to do this. The first one is all the more relevant now that there's a big hole in the wall. And there's a shot at good political relations with them now, which would transform the first into the political function of preserving and monitoring those relations.


The White Walkers were thought to be a myth until they appeared in real life. The Night's Watch could defend against the possibility of other mythical creatures being real.

Tryion speaks of "Grumkins and Snarks".

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