Every news article online seems to emphasise that Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse was made at the rate of 1 second per week, but then the movie would take 100 years to make. So that seems to be an exaggeration or maybe they spend a week on an important scene.

But even so how long did it take to actually make the movie and how does it compare to regular movies? I believe it takes about 100 days of filming to make an action movie.

  • You could have a team taking one week to produce one second of scene.. if you have a lot of teams, that's actually pretty doable. Given the numbers given by Gustavo, that works out to one week per second for a 2-3 person team. You would probably more likely have one person per second and the left overs in management and other roles. – Gnemlock May 19 '19 at 2:43

In an interview to the LA Times, the filmmakers said it took four years to complete.

“But,” laughed Miller, looking back on that initial pitch as “Spider-Verse” was swinging into the second week of a successful holiday frame, “only if we can do it about Miles Morales and make it look crazy. And they said, ‘OK.’ Four years and 800 people working on it later, here we are.

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