Warning, spoilers ahead.

In the film The Wandering Earth, the earth is supposed to move to another solar system, because the sun is getting stronger and larger over a short period of time.

However, why is the earth not only moved a little more out to the outer planets, instead of actually tried to "wander" to another system?

Is there an in-universe explanation I missed?


This is explained in the first five minutes of the movie: in less than 100 years the Sun will engulf Earth, and in 300 years our solar system will no longer exist. Considering that we need a sun for warmth etc., Earth needs to be moved to another sun, i.e. out of our current solar system.

The Sun is rapidly degenerating and expanding. At this rate, the Sun will engulf Earth in 100 years. Within 300 years, the Solar System will no longer exist.

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