In Transformers: Dark Of The Moon, there is a scene where the Autobots find Sentinal on the crashed ship on the moon. They then proceed to use their lasers to cut through the ship's metal hull. Presumably the ship was made from the same material (Transformium) that all of the transformers are made of.

My Question: Given that the Decepticons are made up of the same material as the spaceship, and the Autobots' lasers can cut through that with ease, why do the Autobots not use their lasers in combat?

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    This would be difficult to answer since there is no continuity and the movies make absolute nonsense. You could ask the same question about why Prime uses a sword instead of his gun part 4. The answer is probably "just because".
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    May 10, 2019 at 15:29
  • Possible duplicate of How do Transformers die?
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  • I voted this question as duplicate, because the explanation is the same: inconsistent scripts in the series.
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  • @Luciano The meta discussion you started is appreciated and it's understandable you're fed up with questions seeking explanations for stuff that's not to be explained. But...at the same time we're not really closing questions as duplicates of entirely unrelated questions just because the answer is "it's Michael Bay, bro!" If you want to solve some apparent problem with plot-inconsistencies, I'm afraid you have to put a little more effort in than picking some random question as a duplicate target.
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  • @NapoleonWilson it was not a random question. it just happens that both movies are Michael Bay's and the same franchise and have inconsistent plots...
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The TRANSFORMERS films by Michael Bay have a history of inconsistencies, nonsensical changes to concepts that used to work out better and sudden changes in not too relevant details, to the point that there's no actual need to find reasons for them:

  • In TFM, Optimus Prime only uses one forearm-mounted axe-sword, in ROTF+DOTM he uses two, in AOE uses only one again (which he loses to Galvatron) and in TLK he uses a completely different looking blade that's shorter and seems to have lost the previously consistent ability to sever transformers' limbs.
  • In TFM, Bumblebee was crippled and held back by the fact that he lost one and a half legs. In AOE, he dodges projectiles and is threatened by Drift with a blade (indicating that he had to prevent such damage). Yet in TLK, he just has the ability to reassemble himself like a Junkion, after shedding head, shoulders, knees and toes. This is not explained in any way.

These and some other changes just do not have "official" reasons to have occured, so it's up to the viewer to accept or to keep wondering.

My personal theories:

  • They didn't use them in DOTM because the battles took place in crowded Chernobyl (crowded by the NEST crew) and later in even more crowded Chicago, and their stray lasers might have a higher range compared to stray bullets. Also, it seems that the Ark ship was weakened and thin-walled, maybe due to radiation and dust through 40+ years on the moon.
  • They didn't use them afterwards because they were handheld tools of Ratchet, who died in the beginning of AOE.

ROTF = TRANSFORMERS: Revenge of The Fallen (2009)
DOTM = TRANSFORMERS: Dark of the Moon (2011)
AOE = TRANSFORMERS: Age of Extinction (2014)
TLK = TRANSFORMERS: The Last Knight (2017)

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