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Why does Jarda attack Jason in The Bourne Supremacy after telling him where his car keys are and even suggesting how to escape?

In the movie The Bourne Supremacy, why does Jarda attack Jason when they are in his house after he agrees to escape with him and tells him his car keys are in his pocket and that they should go out the back? I thought after their initial confrontation, they were on ‘good’ grounds.

After Jason breaks into Jarda’s home, he makes Jarda tie his hands together with the cable ties, Jason asks him a few questions. When he is not satisfied with the answers, he kicks Jarda’s chair over, and Jarda falls to the ground (in a vulnerable position). Then later, Jarda says “I thought you came to kill me” and when it was clear (or I thought it was) that Jason just wanted answers and not there to kill him, there was a moment of stillness (no one did anything to hurt the other). I think they were on ‘good’ grounds because when Jarda got up from the ground, before he said “I thought you came to kill me”, Jason didn’t do anything to incapacitate him again, like knock him back to the ground or make him turn around. They could have escaped together and Jason could have had many of his questions answered if he kept Jarda alive.