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The origin of the Why is there a safety net conveniently located in Spectrethe soon-to-be-demolished MI6 building?

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James Bond: The origin of the net in Spectre?

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James Bond: The origin of the net in Spectre?

This question is regarding one of the end scenes in the Bond film Spectre, so it contains some spoilers (kind of).

It was thrilling to watch Bond and his companion jump several stories into a net at the bottom of a soon-to-be-destroyed building! However I am confused as to a good explanation as to why the net would be there. Immediately following their landing we see there is a red, spray-painted arrow on the wall directing them out. The arrow is in the style of the other markings left by Blofeld, so this seems to imply that both the net and the arrow were part of Blofeld's preparations (which include a transparent, bulletproof box, psycho-art-installations, etc.).

So is the net there from Blofeld or is it from something else?