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The choice to switch from POV in the remake of 'Maniac'

The modern remake of the 80s slasher film of the same name, Maniac (2012), starring Elijah Wood as Frank Zito is depicted entirely from the killer's point of view, thus putting the viewer 'in his shoes' so to speak.

While this serves to heighten the effect of the crimes Frank commits, and also places us in an uncompromising position as we are effectively the killer, there is one moment in the film (the murder in the parking lot) when the camera emerges from a POV shot, and swings around to show a conventional mid-shot as Frank does the deed.

There are several other moments in the film when one might consider Frank is having an out of body experience, or is dreaming, in which we see him from a third-party POV, but the murder scene does not seem to fit this pattern.

Does anyone have a theory as to why the director should choose to shoot this scene differently? Is there any documentation to explain this decision?