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Identify this A movie about a bank robbery?

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Identify this movie about a bank robbery

I remember watching this movie at least 12 years ago.

It involves a guy sending letters to his criminal associates detailing a planned robbery. After he has posted them, he gets arrested.

Then the associates turn up and wonder where he is but decide to continue with the plan he has outlined.

While they are carrying out the robbery etc. the original guy escapes from the prison and tries to get home.

Other details I remember

  • All the associates had exactly the same bag
  • The police cars had small explosives placed in their engines to prevent them from being able to go anywhere
  • At the end, the robbery has taken place and the associates go back to the guys house to split up the money, as they are driving off, the original guy manages to crawl up the hill to his house.

Any ideas? It's not a fantastic movie at all, but I can't remember what it was called.