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Top new questions this week:

How did Mr. Bean manage to make money?

Mr. Bean has a house and a good car, but all he does is funny things and nothing else. How does he get paid to buy food, electricity and clothing?

asked by metron 46 votes
answered by iandotkelly 54 votes

How much of the "Box Office" amount does the studio get?

Quite often when rating a film's success, the numbers often quoted are the budget of the film vs the amount earned at the Box Office. However, the money made at the Box Office is the total ticket ...

asked by colmde 9 votes
answered by Paulie_D 5 votes

What do the tentacles signify in the movie "The Lighthouse"?

In The Lighthouse, when Ephraim Winslow ascends to the lighthouse and tries to see what exactly is at the top, he sees a tentacle slithering on the surface. Then again, in one of the fight scenes, one ...

plot-explanation analysis the-lighthouse  
asked by Kartik Chauhan 8 votes
answered by d4zed 4 votes

Why do so many TV shows have a step down from the front door into the living room?

When I was a kid, my grandfather (who was an architect) offered an explanation to me that I don't remember, but it's very common on TV shows (especially older shows like The Mary Tyler Moore Show that ...

asked by Donald Hosek 6 votes
answered by Ben Murphy 4 votes

Why did Walter say "God help me" after Jesse says "cow house"?

In the pilot episode of Breaking Bad, when Jesse and Walter White are in the desert they have the following dialogue: Jesse is looking if there is nobody around. Jesse: Yeah, nothing but cows and a ...

asked by Mouvier 6 votes
answered by Johnny Bones 42 votes

In 1917, would a British Army Colonel truly have told a Lance Corporal to "fuck off"?

At 2:07 of this clip from the 2019 movie 1917, Colonel MacKenzie (of the Second Battalion of the Devonshire Regiment), whose "decorations indicate he's a veteran of the Boer War as well", ...

realism historical-accuracy 1917  
asked by Accounting 5 votes
answered by Matt 5 votes

Difference between movie producer and creator

From Wikipedia Marta Fran Kauffman (born September 21, 1956) is an American writer and TV producer. She is best known as the co-creator of the NBC sitcom Friends with her longtime friend, David ...

asked by JJJohn 5 votes
answered by Paulie_D 4 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What did Coppola want to symbolize by the last sequences involving rogue colonel?

I didn't understand the ending of Apocalypse Now. What did Coppola want to symbolize by the last sequences involving rogue colonel? And what is the purpose of Marlon Brando's character?

plot-explanation ending apocalypse-now  
asked by user 20 votes
answered by Nobby 22 votes

What's in the package which Billy gives Madolyn in The Departed

Just before the climax of The Departed, Billy comes to Madolyn's apartment and gives her a package to keep safe and asks her to open it if he's dead or if he tells her to. In a later scene, we ...

plot-explanation the-departed  
asked by KharoBangdo 17 votes
answered by james mcarthur 13 votes

How does Tokyo Drift fit into the time line?

In the third Fast and Furious movie - Tokyo Drift, one of the main characters in the story is Han Lue. Near the conclusion of the movie, he dies when his car explodes in a huge fireball after being ...

chronology fast-and-furious-franchise tokyo-drift  
asked by user5603 26 votes
answered by Ankit Sharma 20 votes

What are the different symbols in the Witcher TV series intro?

In the The Witcher series of Netflix at the starting of every episode there is a symbol. What do these symbols represent? Do they have anything to do with the books?

asked by codeczar 20 votes
answered by ukemi 20 votes

What is Leta Lestrange afraid of in Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald?

Boggart takes the shape of the thing the viewer is afraid of. Boggarts lurk in cupboards and when confronted, take the form of your worst fears. In Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, ...

plot-explanation fantastic-beasts the-crimes-of-grindelwald  
asked by A J 13 votes
answered by Jedihomer Townend 16 votes

What was Geralt's third wish?

In S1E05 of Netflix's The Witcher, "Bottled Appetites", Geralt is granted three wishes by a Djinn: I just want some damn peace! I want you to burst, you son of a whore. I wish... What ...

asked by ukemi 10 votes
answered by Ankit Sharma 8 votes

Why did Lisa Edelstein not return for the final season of House?

With the ending of House, a lot of cast members returned to their roles in order to give some sort of closure either to their story or even just as more character development to House. However, the ...

character casting house  
asked by Tablemaker 34 votes
answered by AlasdairCM 23 votes

Can you answer these questions?

What was the first TV series to show a toilet?

So over the weekend I was listening to my local NPR station to Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me! and they were playing a true or false game about characters in the TV series, The Brady Bunch. Anyways, one ...

first-appearance cinema-history  
asked by Darth Locke 2 votes

Did Heavyweights' Tony Perkis Inspire Dodgeball's White Goodman

In 1995, Ben Stiller started as Tony Perkis in 'Heavyweights'. Tony is a fitness nut who believes he can whip the campers into shape because he too was once fat with low self-esteem. Similarly, in ...

character dodgeball heavyweights  
asked by Jim G. 3 votes

Was Cary Elwes's evil scientist "Dr. Jonas Miller" a last minute addition to Twister (1996)?

I watched Twister for the first time today and was struck by how much of an afterthought the "evil competing scientist" subplot seemed. So much so that I suspect it may have not been in the ...

screenplay twister  
asked by Michael Stern 2 votes
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