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Top new questions this week:

What are the green pills in The Queen's Gambit?

I watched the first episode of The Queen's Gambit on Netflix today. I watched it in English but as it's not my mother tongue I did not understand what are the green pills Beth Harmon takes when she's ...

asked by JKHA 6 votes
answered by Yasskier 2 votes

Why is Will Ferrell's face pixelated in this Emmy Awards clip from Family Guy?

Around minute 04:00 of "The Talented Mr. Stewie" (Family Guy, Season 19, Episode 2) there is a brief cutaway to the 70th Emmy Awards. Why is the face of the host (Will Ferrell) pixelated? ...

asked by TheGreatestMovies 4 votes
answered by Johnny Bones 2 votes

How does Sator get the algorithm after the car chase?

This question contains many spoilers for Tenet. I'm trying to work out exactly what happens in the car chase sequence. I think I understand where most of the characters go, but there's a couple of ...

plot-explanation tenet  
asked by Nathaniel 2 votes
answered by Yu Zhang 2 votes

Why did Trinity intentionally bump into Lundy?

In S4E04 of Dexter when Lundy is retired and back in Miami chasing Trinity, why did Trinity decide to intentionally bump into Lindy and pretend to drop his keys for Lundy to then return? Just a moment ...

plot-explanation character dexter  
asked by Charles 2 votes

Did Cleo purposefully try to sabotage Beth?

In the episode 6 - Adjournment - of the Queen's Gambit series, Beth is preparing for the big game with the Soviet champion Borgov. However, on the evening before, she receives a call from Cleo - a ...

character analysis the-queens-gambit  
asked by Yasskier 1 vote

Is it true that police only do an outline of a body with chalk if that person is alive and taken to hospital?

Season 1, Ep 3, Hannibal, Abigail returns home after waking up from her coma and sees the word "cannibals" painted on their garage door. Then Abigail asks Will if a place is where her mom ...

realism hannibal-tv  
asked by Yu Zhang 1 vote
answered by Laurel 2 votes

Why does Lucas McCain of "The Rifleman" shoot his rifle from his hip?

In the Western show "The Rifleman", the titular character and crackshot Lucas McCain wields an anachronistic lever-action rifle modified for rapid fire. The most peculiar aspect of his ...

western the-rifleman  
asked by BatWannaBe 1 vote
answered by Yu Zhang 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What does the ending scene in the movie Basic Instinct actually mean?

What does the ending scene in the movie Basic Instinct actually mean? After the killer has been caught by the police, we see in the last scene a very suspenseful, cliffhanger sex scene. Can somebody ...

plot-explanation ending basic-instinct  
asked by KharoBangdo 18 votes
answered by Ankit Sharma 16 votes

Why is Detective Danny Williams absent from so many episodes?

In the remake of Hawaii Five-O, Det. Danny Williams seems to be routinely absent; occasionally they'll offer some kind of explanation (e.g. the fact that he's in the hospital recovering from donating ...

asked by EJoshuaS - Reinstate Monica 5 votes
answered by Walt 7 votes

Who is the serial killer in Memories of Murders?

Is it known who is the killer after the ending scene? The former detective looked very intense, as if he finally understood who was the serial killer, but it's not very clear. Also, is the actor who ...

plot-explanation memories-of-murder  
asked by user1306322 19 votes
answered by coleopterist 18 votes

What was the monster's motivation in "Await Further Instructions"?

In the recent horror film Await Further Instructions (2018), a family is trapped in their house by a mysterious barrier, which is later to be revealed to be part of some kind of strange monster which ...

plot-explanation await-further-instructions  
asked by sanpaco 8 votes
answered by Person Anonymous 5 votes

How real are Bear Grylls TV shows? (Ultimate Survival in particular)

In Ultimate Survival on Discovery channel, we see Bear Grylls do amazing stuff, hunting dangerous animals, climbing dangerous mountains and all that fun stuff. There was another similar show on that ...

realism ultimate-survival  
asked by Lynob 31 votes
answered by Mike 29 votes

Why does the husband leave the family in The Others?

I watched the movie The Others recently, and I was blown away by the ending and the story. I was thinking about this plot element which didn't make much sense to me. It's about the return of the ...

plot-explanation the-others  
asked by Dredd 20 votes
answered by System Down 21 votes

Do they really have sex in movies?

Many times in movies (especially Hollywood), actors and actresses are shown having intercourse (not talking about pornographic films). Do they really do this? Or fake it? That's really up to the ...

film-techniques production  
asked by Somnath Muluk 27 votes
answered by Somnath Muluk 28 votes

Can you answer these questions?

How does the veteran identify this woman as Spanish?

In the first episode of The Alienist: Angel of Darkness, a Spanish mother goes to a public park with her baby in a cart. Then a veteran comes over and asks (beggs) for money, when he is turned down, ...

plot-explanation the-alienist the-alienist-angel-of-darkness  
asked by Yu Zhang 1 vote

David sold to large corporations, "assists" employees and/or does things employees might find "distressing" -- do we have details?

I would imagine that Davids would cost many millions of dollars each and do not do routine physical labor. Do they work as executives? Enforcers? Do we have any information from books, etc. about how ...

character prometheus  
asked by releseabe 1 vote

A version of "Riddick" (2013) with opening and final scene cut off, is it official?

Yesterday I watched Riddick (2013) movie with: initial scene of approx. 20-30 minutes (when Riddick becomes the Lord Marshal) narrowed to only 2-3 minutes cameo / reference, as Riddick lies on desert ...

alternate-version riddick  
asked by trejder 1 vote
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