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I'm a 15-year-old kid. I just finished my Sophomore year in High School. I just started learning VBScript. I know how to use HTML and CSS.

Here is an example of my best VBScript code: It's a Trigonometry Calculator

Do Until X = 1
Number = InputBox("Type In A Number", "Input Number:")
If Number = "" Then
    Answer = MsgBox("Do You Want To Quit",vbYesNo,"Do You Want To Exit:")
    If Answer = vbYes Then
        WScript.Quit 0
    End If
ElseIf IsNumeric(Number) Then
    Number = (Round(Sin(Number),5))
    MsgBox("The Sine Is: " & Number )
    Number = (Round(Cos(Number),5))
    MsgBox("The Cosine Is: " & Number )
    Number = (Round(Tan(Number),5))
    MsgBox("The Tangent Is: " & Number )
    Answer = MsgBox("Want To Enter Another Number?",vbYesNo,"Again:")
    If Answer = vbYes Then
        X = 0
        X = 1
    End If
End If

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