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I am an engineering student who is VERY interested in programming. I have been coding for 6 years now in HTML, Javascript, Flash, Flex / AIR, ColdFusion, PHP, MS SQL and MySQL

I recently started putting my programming skills to use on vWorker.com (now Freelancer.com) quite some time ago. I have now stopped, to be a more or less full-time Masters student!

Check out my profile on vWorker

While I was programming on vWorker jobs, I found that the Stack Exchange network is really a great place to share knowledge, so here I am, hoping to help someone who needs it :)

Here's my AS3 library for SQLite on GitHub

My interests include aerodynamics, aeromodelling, programming, physics in general.

Travian is a REALLY cool game. Come play with me. Click here

comment Why don't Marty's parents ever mention how similar he looks to the Marty of 1955?
why would it be intentionally removed? The original ending would have made more sense to me!