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Mark Bertenshaw

I come from a 15 year VB6/Access/ASP coding background, and in the last few years I have "crossed over" into the realms of C# 2.0/3.5 and VB.NET. However, I have always kept a toe in the water for other languages, so I have ended up learning Java, Perl, MS Batch language, Javascript, VBScript, Powershell, et al.

Musically, I love Progressive Rock, 70s music in general, Techno, Folk. I hate so-called "R&B" that finds itself on the X Factor.

I have always cooked, and find it very enjoyable. Whilst I would do any style, I love traditional British cooking most of all.

In the last few years, I have started doing a lot more gaming. Mostly boardgaming, but I also regularly do RPGs. Inevitably, this all means that I am also a massive SF/Fantasy fan.