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comment In Avengers (2012) what was the reason for the Galaga reference?
Some consonants sound "funnier" than others in English. Many people say that words starting with p, b, t, d, k, and g are funnier than others. There are similar rules of thumb for how words end. Anyway, "Galaga" sounds funnier than "Space Invaders" or "Ms Pac Man".
comment Why was Ted Beneke hiding revenue in Beneke Fabricators?
If I recall correctly, they don't share any details. The company hid profits to avoid pay taxes, which means they either earned money that they never reported to the IRS (which in turn suggests that they were getting paid in cash, because other forms of payment are trivially tracked by the authorities), or they inflated expenses in order to make profitable work look unprofitable.
comment Where did the live ammo for the Missouri come from in the climactic battle of Battleship (2012)
@CrowTRobot google says it's true. Amazing. gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/GAOREPORTS-NSIAD-99-62/html/…
comment Where did the live ammo for the Missouri come from in the climactic battle of Battleship (2012)
@BrettFromLA To be clear I think this movie is immensely enjoyable; the cartoonish stupidity is part of the charm. I was just wondering if they bothered explaining why the ship was battle-ready at some point I missed, or if they just decided to run with it.
comment Was Nola really pregnant during the time of her murder?
Possibility three: they knew about it but didn't mention it in any of the scenes shown to the audience.
comment People knock down a wall and find a pot full of an evil dormant creature
Not a pot. That was a big spaceship. Also not a wall; they were digging in the ground. Also not kids; city workers found the ship.
comment Is there any hint as to why Jerry needs the money?
The movie never says, but his wife comes from money, and I always assumed he put himself in debt trying to support her in the manner to which she had become accustomed.
comment Surreal corporate apocalypse comedy movie
was there any surrealistic element to that movie?
comment How did the FBI get Jordan's note to Donnie?
I agree with this, and I wonder if there was any real-life counterpart to this betrayal.
comment Who commits the murders in The Ninth Gate?
The book has a second plot involving the verification of the authenticity of a chapter of the manuscript of the Three Musketeers (hence the novel's name "The Club Dumas"), but the crimes in the parts of the novel that were used for the film were committed by (or at the behest of) Balkan.
comment What was Sherlock about to remark about Molly's boyfriend?
I am so embarrassed that I missed this.
comment What did Hannibal try once?
It seemed obvious to me that he was talking about going to a public refuge.
comment Siblings and a dog lose parents and journey to find relatives
Well, there goes my theory that it was Star Wars.
comment Numbers on the wall in Cuba in “Guys and Dolls” film
They might also be intended to suggest a numbers den (or "bolito," as it would have been called in Havana).
comment What is the symbolism of the remote controlled toy car?
This would make it foreshadowing rather than symbolism, but I agree that, if there is any relevance to the toy car, this is probably it.
comment How does the museum get cleaned?
The question is about the period before Cecil, Gus, and Reginald get busted. Sometimes, the museum seems to be perfect by opening, and sometimes it isn't.
comment Was Jack Regan corrupt in The Sweeney?
Just to be clear — he stole the silver and sold it for personal gain? I thought it might be possible that he was trading it for information on criminals or something.
comment Why did Yashida fake his own death?
You say it's only speculation, but it's pretty convincing to me. This idea fits nicely with two other lines in the film. First, we know that Yashida was obsessed with Wolverine generally, not merely for his healing factor, and getting himself bolstered by adamantium might have been part of his plan all along. Secondly, Viper suggested to Mariko that she had been selected as heir because she was "weak," and perhaps this was because Yashida planned to continue running the company somehow after his "death."
comment What is this bullet-dodging martial arts movie?
I upvoted both of you because this Q/A reminded me of the Tommy Shaw's theme song for that movie.
comment Where did the jewelry go?
Frank has shown profound memory loss and confusion through the entire film, including just before the passing of the note when he asked his son how he was liking Princeton, a college from which the son had graduated fifteen years earlier. Why should we believe he has the location of the jewels right? The way I read the son's response is "the old man's got another pointless guess about what happened to the loot."